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Growth Mindset University is for people who believe they must work harder on themselves than anything else, challenge the status quo by learning, and are ready to become all they were created to be. Most people try to just get through the day. Don't just get through the day, get FROM the day. Learn everything you can FROM the days of your life, join the university of life, join Growth Mindset University.

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EXPLORE yourself - CREATE your reality - INSPIRE the world

We all want to achieve lifelong excellence - we want to serve others with excellence in a unique way, we want to inspire the world with our excellence, we want to be our very best selves and create a life of excellence - but lifelong excellence doesn't come without lifelong learning.

Invest In Yourself

GMU Curriculum

Growth Mindset University | Introductory Course | Syllabus

Chapter 1: Feed Your Mind or Fall Behind


Chapter 2: Find YOUR Unique Inspiration


Chapter 3: Your Brain: Use It or Lose It | Fighting Digital Dementia


Chapter 4: Awaken Your Potential


Chapter 5: Commit To Lifelong Learning To Produce Outstanding Results


Chapter 6: Run Your Own Race

Conclusion | Design Your Life

Adopt a Growth Mindset

Master Your Mind

Design Your Life

Find Your Unique Inspiration

Create Your Reality

Outdo Yourself

Unleash the Power Within

About Your Instructor

Jordan Paris

Jordan Paris

Entrepreneur | Life Coach | Trainer

Fitting in was never Jordan’s thing. Before he became a top trainer and life coach showcased in Men’s Health as a beacon of light for inspiring people from all walks of life, he had some challenges he needed to beat. From depression, to not having friends, to not having any real passions, to suicidal thoughts, Jordan’s journey proves that anyone can rise up from any challenge to become a world-class high-performer that challenges the status quo. His work as a coach and entrepreneur is the culmination of years of reading on a daily basis, self-actualization, learning from the world’s most well-known and talented fitness professionals, life coaches, and philanthropists. Just a few short years after coming home from high school in tears regularly, Jordan has creatively and effectively designed a life of maximum joy and very little pain. His online fitness programs are used by people around the globe, he is a member of the prestigious Men’s Health Fitness Council, a college athlete, an aspiring author, and he even runs a web design agency. Still just 20 years old and committed to constant and never ending improvement, he’s got a ton of work to do and he’s super excited to spread his growth mindset and overall message of inspiration with YOU.


Way to go!! Thank you sooo much for showing that depression is not the winner in your life - and thanks for allowing all of us to be a part of your journey! Cheers from Canada.
Jordan, you walk the walk and live what you teach. With your drive and passion, I know that MANY will benefit from your training.
Roger Welton Ask a Vet Online,
I couldn’t be more proud of Jordan's accomplishments and the momentum he’s created. His momentum has even rubbed off on me to increase my global reach via the internet. I look forward to see this rising star shine brighter with each passing year!
Steve Jordan Celebrity Trainer,
If you want commitment to you and your overall health, Jordan moves to the front of the line. His work reflects his personal standards of putting you first and showing you that with a plan in place, discipline, and determination you can change your life. I'm grateful for where this journey has taken me and excited for what is still to come.
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The LIFE Diet

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Growth Mindset University embodies mental AND Physical growth. Respect your body on a deeper level by learning exactly what to eat and what not to eat so that you can have more energy to produce outstanding results in your life.


Life Coaching

$1000 value
Get in touch with Jordan anytime to go over how your learning is progressing and be provided with coaching tips for your life, your business, or any situation you might be dealing with.


Development Resources

Don't get left hanging - Jordan points you in the direction of the most impactful books, podcasts and more.

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